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O. Torvald is a musical group that has become famous today thanks to the fact that it participated in Eurovision in 2017. The members of the rock band write beautiful lyrics for songs and sing beautifully.

Since the group has existed for a long time, its composition could change more than once. But today the collective of the O. torvald group whose members consist of the following musicians:

· Soloist Yevgeny Galich.

· Lead guitarist Denis Mizyuk.

· Nikolai Raida - plays the keys.

· Bass guitarist Nikolai Vasiliev.

· Alexandra Solokhi - plays drums.

The vocalist of the project was born in Bila Tserkva in 1984 on April 29. Studied at the Poltava Military Institute. Finishing his studies, at the same time he worked on the radio, in connection with which Ukrainians also know as a radio host of various modern programs. But he realized that he wanted to move in a musical direction, and put his life on writing lyrics for singles and creating a rock band.

Mizyuk, who can also be considered the founder of the collective, is Evgeny's best friend. The guys met at a very young age, and from childhood they wanted to do this particular direction of music.

The keyboard player is also a friend of Eugene. At one time he was his classmate. Nicholas is just the soul of the company. Without his presence in the O. Tovarld ”would be very boring. In addition to his main profession, Kolya is additionally engaged in writing singles.

Professional drummer Alexander became a member of O. Tovarld "in 2010. All we know about the bass player is that in the old days the young man was a restaurant worker and was responsible for the musical accompaniment of the church choir.

The collective of the group "Otorwald" whose songs are lyrical, provocative and driving - this is the peculiarity of the group, thanks to which the participants were able to win a fairly large number of fans and admirers. It should be noted that initially the guys were not particularly lucky, but by 2008 everything had changed. This year, their first collection “O. Tovarld-2008 ”and a video was shot. The team began to be often invited to television.

In 2009, thanks to the Ukrainian Alex Baev, a director living in the United States, the group released 2 more videos.

"ABOUT. Tovarld "became especially popular after their 2nd collection, " In Tobi ", was released in 2011. 30 cities of Ukraine got the opportunity to hear new tracks. And the video for the single "Without You" was appreciated by the fans of the group and simply by lovers of such music from an exclusively positive point of view.

2012 - 3rd collection entitled "PRIMAT".

2014 - The o.torvald group released 4 albums.

2015 - already a very popular team wrote a composition for the series "Kiev day and night".

2016 - the guys began work on the 5th collection, which was heavily criticized by fans, but rock fans spoke extremely positively about it.

A video was filmed for the track of the same name, included in the new album "Our people are everywhere".

In addition, the guys recorded a single for the Ukrainian film "The Rules of Battle", released in 2017.